As all of our new current models come with 3yrs (or) 100,000 km , 1yrs (or) 50,000 Km  and 2yrs (or) 60,000km warranty. The authorized service center of DFM will provide you routine and periodic service of repair, maintenance and warranty services. We are very pleasant to offer you this service and make continue satisfaction with you.  Your satisfaction with the vehicle is the most important concern of DFM.

Road assistance

Always stay connected with Roadside Assistance by hotline phone 09261457870, 09261457871 you will be linked directly to DFM's Road assistance team, who can quickly confirm your situation and dispatch the necessary service provider to your exact location using advanced GPS enabled technology. We will keep you informed of the details and an estimated time of arrival for the dispatched service provider, along with regular updates of the provider's progress to your location.

Part and Accessories